Midi note Quantisation in Ardour 7.3 - Swing trouble

Im having a problem getting the expected result with swing quantisation in Ardour 7.3.
When I apply swing quantise, all the notes except those on beat 1 move.
I thought that swing would be applied to the second of notes on the grid value
eg for 16ths the ee and er notes (1 ee & er)
Here are some screen shots which show what Im getting using the quantise tool with swing:

A bar of midi notes and the grid set to 16ths

Starting with swing applied at the default value 100

This is the result

Swing value set to 50

This is the result

Swing set at 130

So none of these was what I was hoping.
How does the swing work?
Many thanks

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Swing is almost certainly broken at present. There’s at least 1 actual bug report about it.

If we’re lucky and get out of an unproductive streak, it will be fixed for 7.4. If not, sometime thereafter.

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Thanks for letting me know Paul. I’m keenly awaiting 7.4

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