MIDI note off when muted

To avoid to send panic action when we mute a MIDI track ( even when is soloed another track) it will be usefull to send
the message “all notes off” from this track

I don’t know if it is posible or if you are already working on it.

This needs to go into Mantis, it does little good here as it will get lost.

First rule of alpha testing Ardour3 is don’t talk about it on the forums.


@monon: since you bought it up here anyway, i’ll note that “all notes off” doesn’t actually do the right thing. this is a widely held misconception (even by me until a month or two ago). any sound generator that honors MIDI sustain will not generally turn off all current sound when it receives “all notes off” - it needs sustain to be reset as well. its not totally clear that this should be a result of muting a track, so it needs a bit of consideration.

i hope you filed this in mantis - further discussion should take place there.