Midi note name translation

Hey community!
I am using Ardour in Ubuntu Linux in a German localization. The translation (user interface etc.) is great but also the note names get translated, meaning that a B is displayed as H. Personally I really do not like this and would like to use the international nomenclature.
Is there an option to change this midi note translation? In the forum I read about an parameter “midi_note_name” but do not know where to place those changes.

The only option is to disable translation(s) altogether.
Preferences > Appearance > Translations

If you don’t mind to dive into the source, you could also change the translation itself:

and then compile the updated translation definition (.po → .mo) with something like

msgfmt -o /opt/Ardour-6.9.0/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ardour6.mo ardour-src/libs/ardour/po/de.po
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Thanks @x42 I will definitely try to change the translations.
But to skip translations at all also seems to be a good option. Sometimes it is more difficult to implement information from tutorials in an translated interface.

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