Midi note lists as text files

Is there an easy way to display midi note lists as text files?
Im working with some non reading musicians
Many thanks

Perhaps the MIDI Tracer will help - The Ardour Manual

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There is also the MIDI List Editor.

If you mean txt files, check out GitHub - markc/midicomp: A MIDI Compiler - convert SMF MIDI files to and from plain text (there are also similar tools like mid2asc).

Many thanks Robin
I was thinking about the list editor
Can the list editor be saved/exported as a text file or csv?

Ive just downloaded midicsv and will try this on windows
Many thanks

You might also be interested in ABC notation. There are many tools to do this, such as abcMIDI.

thanks Fretboard that sounds great.
I read a bit and it seems most programs use abc input to output midi or
postcript, I need it the other way round.
I just installed lilypond and will have a look and report my findings
(unless anyone else posts about this first)

You are welcome but actually, abcMIDI includes both abc2midi and midi2abc for MIDI-to-ABC conversion :wink:

Yes its great thanks

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