MIDI note feedback loop on external hardware

After I got new screen monitors Ardour started behaving oddly. It seems to send midi notes of my synth into some sort of feedback loop and that loop slightly accelerates over time whether I play synth or playback MIDI tracks. This happens only when Ardour is running. Virtual MIDI instruments are fine. Synth is Novation Summit (didn’t test other ones yet). I have pipewire setup but it has worked flawlessly so far. (Ardour: 8.0/8.1)

I have narrowed down my issue and my screen Acer Predator XB253Q causes this weird MIDI behaviour with Ardour. I am aware that with PipeWire setup I cannot expect any support but how am I going to start debugging an issue like this? Even a possible explanation would be nice and maybe even some workaround. Now I get everything working by just not using the screen, but plugging off a screen sounds like a stupid solution against cyber bullies… The screen does not seem to have any other issues so I’d prefer using it.

Some more info may be useful:

Is this happening when you play the synth keyboard, when you are recording, playing back midi tracks with Ardour to the Novation?

Have you tried using ALSA instead of Jack/Pipewire? Is the issue still present?

Is the “feedback” in the form of repeated notes or is it audio feedback?

Have you tried turning down the volume on your monitor’s speakers?

I would also suggest using qpwgraph to see what connections are being made in Pipewire.



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It happens both on synth playing and MIDI track playback. It seems to repeat MIDI notes, I think. Audio is not clipping at least. Connection table applications don’t show anything unusual.

I probably should debug outside pipewire as well, but I’m not sure how to temporarily do that without rebuilding my whole audio setup.

You should just be able to select ALSA on the audio/midi settings and then choose an audio device.

Do this on a new, test session.



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