MIDI note ends at next bar

New to Ardour. Trying to set up a Couple of MIDI tracks to use as scratch tracks for some audio recordings. No physical MIDI devices, just programming via the piano roll on each track. I have a drum track programmed, no problem there. The problem is that in the piano roll for an organ track all of the notes end at a length of one beat, or until the next bar begins. I DO want to snap the start of the note to a 16th but I want full control on where the note stops playing.

I’m not able to drag the end of the note out past the start of the next bar. This is incredibly frustrating. I’ve made sure that Snap Note End is not checked.

What gives?

V 5.12.0 Windows

I never had this problem, maybe there is an issue with the midi region that is being worked in… sometimes it’s possible to lock the midi region which prevents it from being expanded…