MIDI not playing back to external device

Hello, I have another issue that has got me confused.

In Ardour 4 I add a new MIDI track and select the correct device (MIDI Sport 2x2 port A). I can then record a MIDI track using my digital piano. But when I go to play the track back, nothing is being sent to the digital piano.

How do I route the output of the track back to MIDI Sport port A so the piano plays back what has been recorded.


Just thought I’d add some additional information to this.

The Piano I’m trying to work with is an old Casio Celviano AP-65R, I’m also experiencing the same issue with an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. In both cases notes are detected when recording, but nothing is returned to the MIDI devices when playing back.

On the other hand my Novation Ultranova works perfectly with MIDI recording and playback (via USB).

Just in case I’d wired something up wrong or didn’t have the MIDI Sport drivers installed correctly I installed the Cubase 8 Trial and MIDI recording/Playback is working fine on there so it’s definitely something I’m doing wrong with Ardour.

You haven’t provided anywhere near enough detail for anyone to offer you any real advice. It isn’t clear whether the problem here concerns routing choices within Ardour, your MIDI setup, or device driver support on Linux.

Hi Paul,

Drivers and cabling are all working fine for the MIDI devices so I’m guessing the issue must be with the routing settings in Ardour.

Guess 1: By default, MIDI tracks come with a software instrument plugin (“Reasonable Synth”). It will eat all MIDI and generates audio. You need to create MIDI tracks without an instrument and/or remove Reasonable Synth from your MIDI tracks if you are using an external hardware (or software) synthesizer.

Hint: we can probably figure this out on IRC in half the time it will take on a web forum. See the Support tab for details on how to get onto IRC.

Excellent thank you, I will try the ideas you gave there (I will only be using external synths, so Reasonable Synth can be removed). Hopefully I will get some time to test this in a few hours.

If I’m still stuck afterwards I’ll head over to the support section.

Thank you