midi module for BCR2000

I hope i have posted in the right forum.
I have write a script for my BCR2000 surface using mididings and laditools. this script allow to expand a lot the control capability of the bcr in addition of a bcf2000 in mackie mode. I use my g15 keyboard’s screen for some datas. for audio, i have a network with 2 main monitors and 6 stereo headphones. In my recording sessions i always put busses in first (one for each instruments or instruments group and some for effects) and i want to be abble to have diffrents mix in each headphones (for musicians “me first”).

The script play the role of cache. There is 2 modes: one is plugins mode:
it use the bcf bank/track change and the response of ardour from mackie out. It have 16 banks of 8 tracks and in each track the datas of all controlers of the bcr2000 (a little more of 100). The other is the auxsend mode: the bcr is entirely used for controling 7 aux send for the 8 first track/busses of session.
I use a simple button for switch quickly between modes.
In the archive, there is a midi mapping file for ardour, a bc2 used with BC manager for the BCR mapping and .py files.
I have try to do a clean script but i’m not a professional coder, i’m a musician :). All comments and gifts are welcome.

the script: