Midi mapping for controlling cues

Is there a config file somewhere that explains what midi notes the clip launcher expects? Can i trigger a whole row (A-R) with a midi note as well?

I don’t have a dedicated controller, I would just like to send the right notes from an external source.

From the “What’s New” page:

In this release, only Ableton’s Push 2 surface can be used as a controller to control cues, but future dot releases of 7.x will bring support for Novation Launchpads and other related devices.

Is there any info on the default output of a push2? can i fake it?

Extremely unlikely.

Work is proceeding on generic “MIDI learn” for slots and will probably be in the 7.1 release.

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I have a python jack-midi client that responds to pedal input and can send arbitrary midii data. I only need to switch between a few whole rows at best.

Edit: I’ve worked it out somewhat, the notes from middle c represent the grid spaces
8x16 says you would run out of notes at the extremities though.
Luckily my use case is only a few tracks.
is sending eight notes the only way to trigger a whole row? I’m guessing there’s no cue stuff exposed to LUA yet?

Alright I went really hacky and used xdotool to send the F-Key shortcuts to the cue window! The gig will be fine! What could go wrong?


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