Hi everyone!

I’m trying to create a midi map for my new (old) control surface (Numark Mixmeister).
But it seems like my home made map (like the others) doesn’t take effect.

I’ve read the manual, I’ve selected “general midi”, load the map but… nothing

I tried to respect the structure of the XML file, ardour receive the midi instructions, but the map does nothing

Could anyone help me please?
Thanx a lot

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate.

I’ve read several times the manual page “generic MIDI and encoders” where is mentioned the case of “Continuous Controllers”. But to be perfectly honest I don’t really know what to do with it. For example, when it says “If the wrong one is chosen” I don’t know how and where I could choose the good encoder. Actually I thought that I had to create a midi map to choose it. But it seems to be a mistake. Sorry, sometimes I’m not very clever when computers.

I use JACK2

OK, I need a midi map to use encoders :wink:

I’m still trying to fix my problem…
Should I enable MMC ?
Is a2jmidid the problem ?

MMC is unrelated. Still trying to find time to reproduce your problem.

Re: the encoders: we support encoders, it is described in the documentation in the manual.

What audio/MIDI backend are you using? ALSA or JACK ?

post a link to you MIDI binding map (e…g on pastebin.com) and i’ll take a look to see if there is anything obviously wrong.

I’m trying to get as simple as I can be in my test script as you can see :
Just trying to map the surface’s “play” knob to begin …

I can assign manually every button of the surface but :

  • Ardour doesn’t memorize my assignments after restart for the transport functions (don’t know why, for the rest of the tracks or effects it’s ok)
  • It would be easier to use a single map for every project
  • And the most important : this control surface has potentiometers which rotate endlessly. And when I assign this kind of potentiometers to a volume fader for exemple, it doesn’t work. So I wonder if a midi mapping could solve this problem

Thanx Paul for your answer,

It’s not clear you’re right. Ardour discovers the map, load it (I suppose) but it changes nothing to the behavior of the control surface. The assignements I make don’t take effect.
The surface is connected to the ardour’s midi control in port, I can see every midi messages in ardour midi activity tracker.

It isn’t clear what you mean by does nothing … it sounds as if Ardour discovers it, and loads it. Did you connect the numark to Ardour’s “MIDI Control In” port?

I use ladish, ardour 5 on Ubuntu studio 18.04