Midi Map not working

I’m having trouble getting a MIDI map for my Novation LaunchKey Mini Mk3 working. I think I’ve got everything in place but the mappings don’t seem to have any effect. I am able to map the buttons using the MIDI learn function, but the XML mapping isn’t doing anything.

What am I missing here?

Quick look at the source indicates that ctl-toggle is only available for control-parameters, not for function calls.

You could try to specify the full MIDI message (in hexadecimal):

<Binding msg="bf 73 7f"  function="transport-roll"/>

or just only the control-change. If the transport is already rolling, nothing happens when when the toggle-off tries to start it again:

<Binding channel="16" ctl="115" function="transport-roll"/>

Perfect, thanks. Switching to ctl did the trick. This is the line in the docs that confused me:

ctl-toggle - for CC controls that send a 127 for button press and 0 for button release.

I figured that seeing a value and then a 0 meant that I should be using ctl-toggle.

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