MIDI Map for Midiplus AKM322

Hi everybody,
this is my first post :slight_smile:
I’m using Ardour 5.12 from kxstudio repositories on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I’m trying to create a midi map for my keyboard, a Midiplus AKM322 (link to Italian Amazon where I just bought it: https://www.amazon.it/MIDIPLUS-tastiera-MIDI-USB-AKM322/dp/B016O5F2GQ ).
So far, I was able to configure Play, Stop and Rec buttons. Here’s the file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="Midiplus AKM322">

    <!-- Transport buttons -->

    	<Binding channel="1" ctl="105" function="transport-roll"/>
     	<Binding channel="1" ctl="106" function="transport-stop"/>
    	<Binding channel="1" ctl="106" function="transport-start"/>
    	<Binding channel="1" ctl="107" function="toggle-rec-enable"/>


It has to be saved in /opt/ardour/share/midi_maps/Midiplus_AKM322.map

There are 4 more knobs (one of them is endless) to be assigned, but I really don’t know how to do it. Moreover, I haven’t decided which functions I shall use with those knobs yet.
Midimonitor tells me these values:
Endless knob: Ctrl 10
Knob 1: Ctrl 21
Knob 2: Ctrl 22
Knob 3: Ctrl 23

Hope I can make life easier to Midiplus AKM322 users (if any…!).


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actually, it is assumed that an Ardour user may not have sudo permissions and so the better place to put this would be:
Also known as:
on a linux system (assumed from the use of /opt/)
see: https://manual.ardour.org/appendix/files-and-directories/
for more details including locations for other OS.

The “Normal” knobs (pots) will work the same as the bindings you have given above. the endless knob you need to find out how it encodes movement. There are four types Ardour supports at this time, hopefully one of them matches your encoder. Then the binding is the same as above but replace the ‘ctl’ with one of enc-r, enc-l, enc-2 or enc-b depending on which your controller uses… feel free to just try all of them to see which works but it seems to me enc-b does not work with some surfaces that use either 64 or 65 to mean no movement. I suppose Ardour needs an enc-0 for those. Your controller may also allow you to change how the encoder sends movement too.

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