Midi Machine Control (MMC) for track contols - tracks skipped?

I’m not sure if it’s my setup, but Ardour (5.12.0 on Linux) is responding strangely to the RecordArm button on my controller. Ardour is skipping tracks 10, 18, 26 (and I assume every 8th track subsequently, but can’t test beyond 32 tracks).

I’m trying to use a Tascam US428 USB control surface (and audio interface) with Ardour. On Linux, it works quite nicely, in conjunction with the us428control package (which outputs MIDI messages), and the MMC transport controls work as expected. It also sends MMC (Masked Write) for RecArm, Mute and Solo.

The Record/Arm controls for each track also work nicely, except on track 10, then 18, then 26. So, pressing the button for track 10 on the controller actually arms track 11 in Ardour, and so on. For comparison purposes, sending the same MIDI data to Qtractor gives the expected results with tracks 1-32 on the controller arming the corresponding tracks in Qtractor. I get similar results using QMIDIctl on my Android device as a controller, but don’t have any other control surfaces to test it with.

A second issue seems to be that no track responds the the track Mute buttons on the controller. Nor Solo, but I think that’s a non-standard use of MMC anyway, so less of a concern, but could be a nice addition!

I think these might merit a bug report, but just wanted to check whether anyone else had had similar experiences with any other control surfaces that send MMC for track arming or muting.

I haven’t submitted bug reports before so could anyone advise whether these two issues merit two reports, or just one? My instinct is that they’re not directly related, but still in the same general territory.

Many thanks.

Please file a bug report, probably just one for both issues.

Please use a MIDI monitor app (Ardour’s own MIDI tracer can be used) to collect the MMC messages being sent, and include them in the report.

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