MIDI looping does not work

I tried looping a single bar in a MIDI track. After the first pass, it skips the first half of the bar on every pass. If I change my prefs to “loop is a transport mode”, the playhead loops, but I can hear that Ardour actually plays straight through the region instead of actually looping. Is this something I can fix somehow?

I also notice that the transport time counter indicates looping, but again, what I actually hear is not a loop - just a straight playthrough.

Also tried increasing the length of the loop, which made no difference.

Don’t know if this is related, but while using “loop is a transport mode,” I’ve noticed that if I change the length of the loop, I have to deselect and reselect the loop button in order for looping to occur (albeit not actually looping as described above.)

One more thing: when not using “play loop is a transport mode,” while the loop works, it still skips the first half of the first bar if the loop is longer than one bar.

This is a reported bug in tracker.ardour.org already … quite possibly more than one of them.

Ok, I’ll just hang in there, then. Thanks!

Hello, I have the same problem and found a workaround but can not find the correct entry in mantis. I often use ardour for rehearsal. When I loop a part in which the end marker of the loop is equal to the end marker of the piece, ardour loops only once. If the end loop marker is before the end marker of the piece everything is working ok. (5.8.0). Best Regards

@xherbie: you probably have “stop transport at session end” enabled, which overrides the looping. Disable that and this “issue” will go away.