MIDI learning doesn't work

Hi all.

I have the note keys on my MIDI keyboard working with Ardour, ie I use Jack to connect the output of my keyboard ( AKAI MPK Mini, if people are interested ), and I can press keys and get sound, record MIDI note events, etc.

I’m trying to bind some control knobs to effects settings. I CTRL-right-click and a little dialog appears telling me to ‘Send CC to automate’. But when I play with my knob, nothing happens :stuck_out_tongue:

When I fire up gmidimonitor, Jack appears to be receiving events. For example, when I hit a key, I get:

Channel 1: Note on, A#, octave 3, velocity 124
Channel 1: Note off, A#, octave 3, velocity 127

When I spin a knob, I get:

Channel 1: CC Modulation (1), value 14
Channel 1: CC Modulation (1), value 15

Am I missing something? How do I bind these events to stuff in Ardour?

It wasn’t. It is now, and it’s still not working.

To be clear, on the Output side, MPK-mini/midi_capture_1 is connected, on the Input side, to ardour’s:

  • MIDI_track_1/midi_i 1 ( this is the name of the MIDI track in ardour ), and
  • MIDI control in

Anything else I should do?

(1) note that gmidimonitor does not monitor JACK MIDI data at all unless someone has modified it and I didn’t notice that. Either way, it is good that it shows incoming data.

(2) What plugin are you trying to automate? The message “Send CC to automate” isn’t something that Ardour says. Are you using Ardour’s generic plugin GUIs or is this a custom plugin GUI that comes with the plugin itself? The latter is not going to work (certainly not in the same way).

Aha! Yes I was using Calf plugins. I have it working now. Thanks :slight_smile: