MIDI Learn

Does Ardour support MIDI Learn yet?
If not, would it be part of the MIDI editor, control surface interface, or something different altogether.


I was just going to post the same problem. Ardour ‘fights’ my controller when I have feedback enabled, this was not happening in the previous build of ardour2 beta11.

if i understand your question:

open menu-options-control surfaces-controls

and click on feedback there.

now go to any one fader or panner and ctrl+middleclick on it, you ll get a pop up whit the instruction ‘operate controller now’ so if you now move one controller on your surface, it will be bounded to the fader(or panner) you have clicked on.

more instructions you can find in the manual here:


nowhiskey’s description is for ardour2.

for ardour 0.99, skip the first two steps, and just ctrl-middle click on a fader or plugin parameter control etc.

I installed ardour2 last night to test it a bit (2 beta12), and got it going on Ardour2… The problem I have is that the control fights me when I move the fader (It gave no feedback earlier… I forgot to set the receive channel to omni…)

It looks like ardour takes too long to respond to my input, and then sees the movement as controlled from within ardour. It then fights my control.

As these things go, I’ll probably find the answer just because I posted it here… as with my previous attempt

Good to hear I am not the only one that experienced this problem. I checked everything again, and followed the instructions in the Ardour manual and the pointers above. The result is the same. The movement is jerky and not very nice on the control surface. On the other hand, if I control it from the mixer window using the mouse, everything is moving nice and smooth on my control surface.

Must be some minor timing issue… hope we get a fix really soon.

In the mean time I’ll have to go back to ardour 0.99.3 to work the way I want to.

This feedback fighting is now fixed in SVN. Thanks for pointing it out!