MIDI learn with Vital(ium) macros?

I prefer to practice inside a DAW rather than using standalone application, and in general, I know Vital is buggy - largely using the Vitalium fork of it these days because it doesn’t crash things. Is there a way within the DAW to MIDI learn the macro functions? I’ve asked on the Vital discord with no reply, so I thought I’d ask here.

Are they exposed as control-ports, available from the "A"utomation menu in Ardour’s Editor?
If so, yes.

First enable Preferences > Ctrl-surfaces > Generic MIDI.
Then show the automation lane of the macro control and ctrl+middle click on the slider in the track-header to to MIDI learn.

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Just tested with EVOLUTION MK-425C:

used knobs:

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They’re under parameters 193-224 - clearly listed as macros 1-4. I apparently, am blind. Thanks guys

You could also use Menu > Edit > Show automation lane on touch (new in Ardour 6.6).

Then click on the control in the plugin’s GUI and Ardour will automatically show the lane (at least for plugins that support touch start/end).

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I’ve tried this with Argotlunar and Vitalium and it doesn’t show up - in either the version on the repos or the binary that I downloaded from the website. Any troubleshooting suggestions or is it time to file a bug report?

I can confirm about Argotlunar. But with Vitalium - no problem, even with Argotlunar in the same track.
Also I’ve noticed no “Lane on touch” on some knobs in Vitalium, for example LEVEL of Oscilator3 (not depending on Argotlunar presence)

Could you be more specific? What does not show up?

What action are you performing and what do you expect that does not happen?

I supposed about “Show Automation Lane on Touch”

Ah, OK. as mentioned above, that depends on plugin-support.

Usually plugins send touch start/end messages when a control is operated in the GUI.
This allows the host to override automation playback, or record new automation. However not all plugins do that.

Argotlunar was no knobs I touched, with Vitalium I really only touch the macros for automation - anything I would want to automate within the plugin I route to one of those 4.

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