Midi Learn needs Ctrl + Middle Click?


This may be a silly question…

Does midi-learn need a you to press CTRL while also middle clicking?

I don’t think it says that in the docs: The Ardour Manual

I’ve been middle clicking for ages and getting nothing then found this video: [Ardour] - MIDI Learn - YouTube where they use CTRL - and now it works for me.
This is Ardour 6.9 btw

Thanks - if the docs need updating I can do that and create a pull request
All the best

MIDI-learn has always been <Ctrl>+middle-click, as far as I can remember.

This is what that manual web page looks like for me (in Firefox):


The HTML source looks like “<kbd class=“mod1 mouse”>Middle</kbd>-click”, and the CSS is supposed to define the “kbd” and “mod1” styles appropriately. Obviously that’s failed for you: which browser/OS are you using?

Thanks for getting back to me @colinf

"Obviously that’s failed for you: " - you’d have thought - but no, it’s just a general fail of me!

I see that exactly as you have shown! Somehow I’ve just not read it/seen it correctly and just read it as “Middle click”


Appreciate you taking the time to help!

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