Midi Latency Settings?


I downloaded v6 and seem to be having some midi latency issues. It is super slow, almost a delay. I have a vast desktop computer, so i am not sure why this is happening. I am only showing a 3% CPU load.

Any setting advice?

Which OS are you using ? What Audio System and which settings (Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup)?

Thanks for responding.

I am using the following controls…

ah and im using windows 10

Ah, Windows.

I think you need to use “Driver ASIO” for reliable low latency, also try a smaller buffersize, if you want to play live, perhaps 128 or 256 (instead of 4096). That should help significantly.

PS. (Next time you create a new session, a lower sample-rate, e.g. 48KHz might also make a lot more sense, 192k is pretty much overkill and may be problematic).

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Ok did some setting changes but am still running into the issue, I checked the log and am getting this error.

I’ve you’re just getting started, I suggest start over with a new session. (It looks like you’ve mane some manual connections… also those still mention a block-size of 4k).

Create a new session, add a MIDI track (it should be automatically connected) and play some notes on the MIDI keyboard…

So i started from scratch - uninstall, fresh reinstall (same issue) and I am getting this…
Thanks for helping again,


Seems that, for a start, you are specifying channel counts in the audio/MIDI setup. Don’t do that.

Secondly, the ambiguous latency messages can only occur if you manually change the signal routing inside a session.

When Robin said “start a new session”, he didn’t mean “uninstall the program”. He just meant quit, start again with a new session.

Hey all,

Thing was I just downloaded the program, and opened it. So i did not mess with any of the settings.

Thus I uninstalled and reinstalled the program.

Any ideas?

Also, this happens each time i have a fresh session,

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