MIDI keyboard transport control

First off, sorry if this has been discussed already (I was sure it had been), but searching did not turn up an answer for me.

I have recently purchased an M Audio Oxygen 49 midi controller and have successfully got most of the functions working with Ardour. I would like to assign the forward/rewind transport buttons to either jump to the start and end of the session (or even better would be to shift the playhead forward/backward a little).

I tried ctrl + middle click on the jump to start/end of session buttons in ardour but unlike the rest of the transport controls on my keyboard, these 2 do not seem to want to learn those buttons. I am guessing the keyboard needs to output a specific midi message for those two buttons? but am unsure where to go from here. Any help would wonderful.


You might find some clues by taking a look at the raw MIDI data coming from your controller. First, launch Ardour from a terminal by typing “ardour2” (or “ardourvst” if you’re using a version with VST support). Go to Edit->Preferences and select the MIDI tab. Turn on the “Trace Input” and “Trace Output” options for the port your controller is using. Now you’ll see all your controller’s MIDI data displayed in the terminal. Compare the output of the forward/rewind buttons to that of the other controls and see if there’s anything unique about it.

I have also been having this problem, along with the other transport controls not being remembered after Ardour is closed. One thing I did try though is to map one of the keys (such as play) that I know works to the “go to start of session” function in Ardour. This didn’t work either which makes me thing that it can’t be something to do with the Axiom. Does that sound like a fair assumption?


I’m having this same problem, except with a BCF2000, which means it’s almost certainly a problem for all generic midi controllers. It’s very annoying not being able to bind the “go to start of session” button. The issue with some mappings not persisting across sessions is probably related to this bug:
although that bug makes it seem as though the issue is confined to controlling plug-ins, which it obviously isn’t (My bindings for per-track record-enable, session record-enable, shuttle control, and a few others are forgotten every session).

I’m surprised that this issue seems to be largely ignored; it seems like the kind of problem that would affect a lot of audio engineers. Not being able to bind to session start / end or remember bindings to things like record-enable, seems like a Big Problem.

That being said, obviously the developers have a lot of work on their hands with the upcoming 3.0 release, so please take these comments with a huge salt-lick entitled, “Thank god for the Ardour team making such an awesome project for so little money / appreciation” :slight_smile:

– Alex