MIDI Keyboard not showing up. How to debug?

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 with AudioBox USB and Ardour 5.11.0

I got a Yamaha MX-49 to use with Ardour. I want Ardour to play a midi track to the keyboard and then record the audio out of the keyboard onto another track. I have done this previously using Bristol as a software synth.

I connected the MIDI OUT from the AudioBox USB to the MIDI IN on the MX49. I changed the MIDI IN/OUT from USB to MIDI in the utility menu of the MX49.

The routing grid for the output of the midi track does not show any ‘other’ destinations. When using Bristol, ‘bristol’ was listed as other.

The qjackctl ALSA tab shows AudioBox USB in the “Writable Clients/…” list with ‘AudioBox USB MIDI 1’ as a sub entry, but I don’t know if that is the keyboard or how to connect anything to it. ‘AudioBox USB’ with ‘AudioBox USB MIDI 1’ also shows up in the ‘Readable Clients …’ list, but there is nothing connected there.

Searching internet/ardour site hasn’t turned up any steps to identify what the problem may be. Any suggestions for experiments to try are welcome.

Todd D.

If you use JACK then hardware MIDI ports and other external MIDI gear will not show up without extra work on your part. This is documented in the manual


If you just use the ALSA backend for Ardour, none of this is necessary, and all your MIDI hardware will just be there.

Thanks! I was able to switch to ALSA get this working.

Hallo alle zusammen, ich bräuchte mal Hilfe, Ich habe Ardour 5 auf windows 7 und möchte mit meiner CME M-Key Miditastatur spielen nicht einzelne Noten eingeben.Geht das mit meiner Tastatur nicht?Oder kann mir jemand ne step by step anleitung in deutsch für Anfänger geben?Würd mich sehr freuen VG Matthias

Hallo, Sie können sie online suchen.