MIDI keyboard not recognised with JACK MIDI

Hi all - when I use ALSA as the MIDI driver I can use my Arturia Minilab Mk2 keyboard (USB) as input to MIDI tracks. When I use JACK as the MIDI driver the Arturia will only show up under the ALSA tab in the JACK connections and I am unable to connect the Arturia to an Ardour track as input. I have a2j running. Any ideas to get this going?

Ubuntu Studio 17.04, Ardour 5.8

You need a2jmidid -e (if you are using jack2); for jack1, this support is built in to jack itself and the manual page will document its usage. a2j and a2jmidid are not the same thing at all.


Paul - thanks for that - my problem was that I had configured for the wrong version of JACK. Works correctly now!
For future reference for others:
To find out which version of JACK you are using, open up a terminal, type in the command
jackd -V
and then press enter. This will tell you which version you are using. JACK versioning numbers might seem a bit confusing at first. My read out from the above command is
jackd version 0.124.2
This means I am using JACK 1. JACK 1 version numbers approach version 1.0
If you get a read out such as
jackdmp version 1.9.10
This means you are using JACK 2, as JACK 2 version numbers approach version 2.0.