MIDI keyboard controls

Hey all. I’m new to all the music stuff including Ardour. So I installed it, connected my midi keyboard and added pitch bender and modulation controls. But they do not work. Ardour sees their changes but it doesn’t affect sound at all. I spent 3 hours trying to make it work but couldn’t.

Here is my JackCtl connections:

Here my ardour window:

Also I wonder if someone could tell me where I can get linuxsampler lv2 plugin. I’ve searched all the google but haven’t find it.

You appear to have absolutely no idea what you’re doing :slight_smile:

You have connected your Oxygen keyboard to the input used for MIDI Clock. For some reason, you’ve also chosen to connect a port that likely sends no data at all (“Midi Through…”) to the port used to handle Faderport controllers.

You do not need to connect the Oxygen to anything except your MIDI tracks, and that should just happen automatically when you add MIDI tracks. The Oxygen will do nothing terribly useful for audio tracks.

You don’t have a Faderport, so you should disable support for that control surface.

Oh… I’m sorry for mess. I’ve just uploaded wrong screenshot(that how jack connects them if I click on button “Connect” at the bottom).
There is true screenshot http://s019.radikal.ru/i604/1606/b1/8fd7524f663e.png.


No. That’s it. http://s017.radikal.ru/i439/1606/45/5f8878476f49.png

That one looks just as wrong. Unless you have something on the other side of “Midi Through” you should ignore it totally. And your Oxygen controller/keyboard should only be connected to MIDI tracks, which should happen by default as you add them.

Why don’t the programmers take care of it ?
Why not implementing a built-in rubberband with a much higher amount of pitch to solve this problem.
For latency i suppose…
And why does built-in automation on pitch work for some instruments but not for all ?

The programmers? How many of us do you think there are? What skills do you think we have? Do you realize that almost no proprietary DAW uses its own time/pitch shifting code, but instead uses the work of a small company from Berlin (because doing this stuff right is actually really hard.

What a plugin instrument can do is a choice made by the plugin developer(s), not the host program. If one instrument supports something and another doesn’t, you’d have to ask the author(s) of each plugin.