MIDI issues: session corruption and startup crashes

Hey guys, love your work.

I’ve had recurring problems with Ardour 5.12 where sessions with several MIDI tracks, all using the FluidSynth plugin would (after reaching a certain level of complexity) become seemingly corrupted such that Ardour would crash when I opened the session.

I could open in “Safe Mode”, but the only way to get the session closing and opening correctly would be to delete all plugins, then add them and configure them again one by one. (Very painful.) And the problem would soon (if not immediately) recur.

After reading Paul’s blog post about the changes in the upcoming Ardour 6 release, I cloned the source code and compiled from master - and everything now seems to be working beautifully.

No questions, I’m really just posting this in case anyone else is struggling with similar problems.

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Thanks for the heads up. and yes this is (or was) a known bug and either safe-mode or unlinking and re-loading the .sf2 file helped.

However the issue has nothing to do with the MIDI overhaul from Paul’s blog. That work mentioned there is not even in ardour/git and will mainly concern edit operations (music time). – The good news is that this bug-fix will make it into 6.0.0, regardless if the planned MIDI overhaul will (it likely won’t).

OK, cool.

I’m just relieved I got it working relatively easily.