MIDI Instrument Problems

Thanks for reading. In Ardour 5.12.0 (full version) I can create, record and playback MIDI tracks without problems except one, and it’s driving me nuts. Using either the General MIDI Synth or a-Fluid Synth (both LV2) the plugin will randomly stop working, sometimes on initial session load. With the General MIDI Synth I have to delete it and add the plugin again. I can get a-Fluid Synth working by simply changing the patch. The MIDI data is always recognized, it just seems to be the plugin that stops working. Any similar experiences?

Some more details:

OS: OpenSuse 42.2
Kernel: 4.9.47-rt37-1-preempt_rt
Jackd: 1.9.10
a2jmidid: V8
IF: Scarlett 6i6

Apparently I’m the only to experience this issue but in case anyone else does, I’ve found a workaround for now. Instead of adding the MIDI instrument to the MIDI track I created a separate MIDI bus for the instrument and routed the track to that. Not ideal but it seems to have solved the problem.