Midi Input transpose in the track?

Hallo, is it possible, to adjust the Midi input e.g. -12/+12 or other transpose input filters?

Greetings, Stefan

May be midiTranspose LXVST (from PIZ) plugin could be:

Once recorded, Ardour allows to transform MIDI: Ardour-Manual - MIDI transform, or you can just select all and move the notes on the timeline.

To do this live, you can use a plugin, either PizMIDI as @cooltehno suggested, or MIDI Transpose from x42 MIDI Filter Collection (packaged on most GNU/Linux distros with x42-plugins). – add the plugin before the synth in the mixer.

If you directly want to record the transposed MIDI, right-click in Ardour’s Processor-box > Disk I/O > Custom and add MIDI Transpose plugin before the recorder.

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Thank you for the fast answer.

So, i’m very new with Ardour after i was able to install VST2 Plugins, this Midi Plugins worked fine.
x42 MIDI Filter Collection - Midi Chromatic Transpose is that what you described.

Thanks für your great video tutorial.

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