MIDI improvement after 3.5.380 ?

Hello from France mister Paul DAVIS !
Thank you for program this best software.
It’s very hard to play and to route MIDI connections in 3.5.380. Here, I’ve got an Audiofire 8 sound card with 8 analog i/o, spdif ans MIDI (in and out) and another Audiofire 12 sound card with 12 analog i/o, wordclock and MIDI (in and out).
Some people could need to play with some MIDI outputs , at same time, in order to play more than 16 channels, or to play with many MIDI interfaces (without MIDI thru)
Can you program two others graphics MIDI connections tables ?
The first :
-we could graphically select routing MIDI tracks with channel inputs and attribute one or some MIDI channels with one or some MIDI card with a MIDI track ?
And the second :
-we could graphically attribute one or some MIDI channels on one or some MIDI cards from a MIDI track ?
(a MIDI track play one or some channels of one or some MIDI card at same time).
Is it possible ? Is it useful for all people ?
Thank you very much for reading and understand me and my low english level.
Best regards.

There will be very little or no work on MIDI until 3.6 is released. This is taking a lot longer than expected.

However, that being said, connections that are per-channel are a feature I do not imagine ever implementing. You can already choose what channels a given track responds to, and you can disable input on a given track.

Thanks for your answer. It was just an idea in order to see overview of MIDI connections table as you already done for all audio tracks and bus.
Finally I found MIDI connections (wonderful) I was thinking it was easy to swap “green dot” with 4×4 matrix :

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 A B C
D E F 0

Like this hand make picture :

Tracks 1 to 20 are only one instrument.
Track 21 is a multi channel ( 5 - 6 - 7 - 8) on second MIDI output
Track 24 is a two channels with two MIDI outputs

What do you think about it ? (I think it’s graphic, it’s an overview)

Absolutely no interest. This will create complete craziness for users. If you have a track that you want to use only channels 1, 7 and 13, you can already do this in Ardour. There is no reason for this complexity to show up in the connection matrix.

Also, most people have no idea how insanely complex drawing that matrix actually is.