MIDI Import

Hello everybody.

Will we have an option to import MIDIs in Ardour 3? I can’t find anything about MIDI import in Alpha8, will it appear in a final release?

Select Session -> Import to open “Add existing media” panel. Select “MIDI files” instead “Audio Files” and browse for a midi file to load.
OR: in “Region list” on RHS of main panel right-click and select “Import to region list” and get “Add existing media” panel again. (Select View->“Show editor list” to get “region list” to appear on RHS).

Thank you very much, don’t understand, how I haven’t noticed it.

Sorry, but I have 2.8.11 on a mac and when i select Session >Import the only options are “Audio files” and “All files” . If I try the midi file it says “One or more of the selected files cannot be used by ardour”. Does this need to be enabled or something?

Ardour 2 doesn’t support midi so you won’t find that option. Ardour 3 will support midi.