Midi import - tempi?

I have some Midi files which I used with various DAWs. Now I have a new one I’ve been working on, and it plays OK in Logic, Garageband and LMMS. However in Ardour it will play, but all the tempi are wrong. There should be a slow introduction, then a faster allegro section. The slow introduction is far too fast, while the allegro is a bit slow.

Does Ardour deal with tempo information in a different way from other DAWs?

Hi, there is an option in the file import dialog “use tempo map if available” or something like that, but is unchecked by default. I have no access to Ardour right now so I don’t remember what is exact name of this checkbox, you have to look around to find it.

There is indeed - I have now discovered that. One concern though is that Ardour doesn’t seem to notice if there is a tempo change within a piece. Maybe there’s another check box for that.

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