midi Help!

Im new to ardour and i have downloaded a midi file , i want to play it but no sound,.
I’m aware that i need to use a sound source and that ardour only handles data so i have a korg o5rw sound module with midi in out and thru, and 2 outports, how do i hook it up to the computer, i also have a audio fire box for recording with a usb port not sure what else i need i tried many config. but nothing i also added jack to ardour but cannot figure any of this out! im again not real computer savvy any help please!

midi work in ardour is a bit quirky, iuve never tried to play a midi file.

the easiest way would be to use a software synth. calf fluid sunth can load sf2 files.

To use your module you need to connect via midi , i dont use physical midi so i dont know if theres an extra option to enable so that you can also to jack midi ports

FireBox is Presonus AudioBox USB? It works on Linux?

You have 5pin DIN Midi in and out on the rearside.
Midi Out is to be connected to your Korg module midi in!

Check midi capabilities from ALSA and your audio interface!
If you start Qjackctl, dont press “play” on transport; choose Settings and (left side down in window settings) set alsa as midi driver! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToJACKConfiguration
Scroll down and watch the “dark” picture of Qjackctl settings!In corner left side down you see midi driver is set to none.
You need to choose alsa!
Now plug your 5 pincable from Soundcards midi out to Your Korg midi in!
The rest is really your job :slight_smile:
If you use midi, you must know what is midi 0 midi 1,what are midi chnls, sysex, prog,…
Learn about alsa, its aconnect…
Otherwise, you re lost in chaos.

tried the set up korg sound module in to m audio fast track out and the usb from fast t. to computer still no sound from the computer while midi track is playing, i have jack installed but dont know much about checking connections, still need some help!

so you need to ensure the following

  1. ) a2jmidid -e has been executed to expose the ALSA MIDI ports to JACK
    2.) The midi track is assigned to the correct Jack MIDI output, corresponding to the m-audio fast track MIDI out port.
    3.) The channel that the MIDI track is sending on is the same that the Korg sound module is set to receive from.

If all this is correct you should have sound coming out of the Korg module… (of course that is assuming the audio outputs from the Korg are plugged into something that can reproduce the sound)…

what is a2jmidid? just dont understand Ardour its complicated way more than cakewalk! the korg is a sound module it has a output stereo and mono it is connected to my pa system, the in of the korg connected to out of m audio then using usb from m audio to computer, the computer reads m audio that a signal is going to it, so about changing the midi channel how do i do that!

Check your korg module manual.
Its important to know how to schange
midi chnls inside your Korg synth.

I dont understand you quite well, you had a presonus firebox,
and now m-audio…
What are you connecting ?

Im connecting a korg sound module and a m audio( sorry i called it a firebox) recorder because it has a usb, but not sure if i plug from out put of the korg to p.a or from output of the m audio to pa or do i plug either output to the mic in on the computor, someone said try that still no sound for anything i try! so now im not sure if im hooking it up right! i will check the manual to see if it shows how to change midi channels and even see if there is anything on hooking to other midi devices!