MIDI happenings

Hi all. Thought I’d make a little post on MIDI stuff so things appear alive to you weirdos who aren’t on IRC 24 hours a day. Just some random not-very-prepared screenshots:

An older shot showing multi-line controllers, and the editor controllers: Editor controls. On MIDI controller tracks (CC) the bar controllers can be used to record/touch, or twiddled in realtime to control MIDI apps/gear.

MIDI import was introduced yesterday (Importing MIDI is done with the same dialog as audio, though it doesn’t look appropriate yet…). Here’s some Mozart imported into Ardour from a (single, multi-track) Standard MIDI File: Mozart Import.

Other new stuff is correct handling of MIDI streams/files with several channels, ability to create controller tracks for a specific channel, fixed the infamous “all region notes stuck at random times” bug, and several other crash bugs. The import shots above also show the newer version of the ClearLooks GTK engine used, with a ‘gloss’ effect (just because). It’s not designed or coloured well at all though - if anyone out there wants to make a pretty colour theme for 3.0 we’re taking applications :slight_smile:

Next up: more bug fixes, MIDI export, implement remaining MIDI features (so passing MIDI through Ardour is completely lossless), then MIDI effect plugins (and possibly instrument plugins).

Wow Dave, this is starting to look like something. I guess we need to sort out what to do with the headers and note lines when tracks are vertically narrow, or rather when the notes are too narrow for us to expect anyone doing any interaction with them.

I will fix the piano roll header soon so that it displays correctly regarding note separators separating white notes with a black one in the middle. That should make it somewhat nicer to look at.

Good work:)

Good stuff!

Just 2 days ago I edited what are actually meant to be 2 separate voices in one region in MusE, just to see the notes in relation. For this reason, the mozart shot makes me very optimistic :wink:

thorwil: I think this is where underlays will help you:)