MIDI for Dummies

Today I clicked on the “Cue” button and went into that page for the first time. I was greeted by the “Ardour Bundled Content” list and to my amazement there were all these great chords and chord progressions. Clicking on them produced the chord played on a piano. I was overjoyed - I can play my guitar with a pianist! So I dragged one of the progressions over and it made its own track. Now I went to the Editor page and made sure inputs and outputs were set, I hit “Play” expecting to hear this great chord progression being played in my session - like the drum beats can be.


So can someone point this old guitar player to a tutorial on how this works? How do I use all these chords that are listed? Or do I? Is this an entirely separate musical discipline that needs to be learned?

You have right-click to add the Cue Markers to trigger the cues,

and make sure Play Cues is on.

Have you got an instrument plugin installed on the track?

If not, there’s nothing to turn the MIDI event data into sound.



I am unsure what your issue would be since I have not used cues and chords yet, and you would probably need to post some more details if you want to get more help. However, just today I was trying to learn some basics on working with MIDI in Ardour and I found the following tutorial very useful. It does not cover cues and chords because it’s probably older than when these features were introduced. It covers other essentials though that might be responsible for your issue e.g. midi tracks, selecting an instrument for the track, input and output routing etc.

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Thank you! After doing this, I can use the chords.

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