MIDI files exploding in numbers

I have a session with a few MIDI tracks and many small MIDI regions, which takes a long time to take snapshots. Over the chat yesterday I’ve noticed that I had 9020 MIDI files in interchange/<session>/midifiles. I’ve worked a little this morning, edited some of them, copied and pasted a little, but now the number of files jumped to 12115. I’ve definitely have not added that many regions!

I assume there is something going wrong here. Is there anything I can do to find out what the problem is?

Are you using snapshots?

Since MIDI file editing is destructive, a separate copy has to be saved for each snapshot.
and Ardour copies all MIDI files when you save a snapshot.

But that only happens once per snapshot.

Ah, I believe that explains it. I did take one (and I think only one) snapshot last morning. I am still not sure it got to 9020 MIDI files before, although I probably have 5 or 6 snapshots at this point.

I think at this point the best solution is to just print the tracks when the MIDI programing is done and mix in a different session.

Thanks for your help!

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