Midi Export & note_off

Dear all,

I am not sure in how far this is a known issue, but I am having lots of trouble exporting midi accurately: All the notes are played, but many notes stop way earlier than the note_off event tells them to. This only happens when I export to wav, playback in Ardour works flawlessly. (It also used to happen, when I patched Ardour’s Master Output through Jack into a new Audio track in Ardour to export manually).

I am using the current Ardour4.6 without Jack on KxStudio and a Machine with a Core i5 and 12 GB Ram. The samples are loaded though Qsampler into linuxsampler. The Songs often comprise Audio- and Midi-Data. The problem is not proportional to the number of tracks playing.

Please file a bug report at http://tracker.ardour.org/ and include the simplest possible session that demonstrates this behaviour.