MIDI editing - programming performance


I’m new to Ardour, just migrated from another major DAW because I needed a good solution that is available to Linux (Am currently on OSX, but will make the switch when I’m sure about the tools to use). So I bought Ardour and am starting to play with it.

What I’d like to do is to modulate the tempo (accelerandos and ritarlandos of the virtual performance). How do you guys do that? I need to be able to draw, not enter discreet values, that would be too tedious and not organic.

The same question applies to velocity values of the notes. The docs mention how to change each note’s velocity, but not how you can draw (or automate) the velocities. But editing them one by one is just not practical. Can you draw, or at the very least add points in a timeline and get the velocities interpolated?


Ardour does not currently support explicit accelerando or ritardando. There is a development branch with this functionality in it, but it is still being worked out.

You also cannot draw velocities. We plan to address this during 2016, but it is not a huge priority for us.