MIDI editing has no effect

I’ve imported MIDI tracks to Ardour (official version 6.5 in Debian Sid) and added some synths. The track plays just fine. But any edit I make in the MIDI track has no effect (like deleting or moving a note).

There are no audio tracks in the project yet, just the MIDI tracks, and this occurs with every track and synth.

I’m sure I’m doing something incredibly stupid, but I cannot figure out what it could be. Any ideas?

I’m starting to think this might actually be a bug. I can reproduce it:

  1. Create a MIDI file (in Muse, in my case). I made one with a single track and only 3 notes.
  2. Create new Ardour session.
  3. Import the MIDI file.
  4. Add synth plugin.
  5. Play it and all is fine.
  6. Edit it. Visually you see the notes changes. But playing plays the notes before editing.
  7. Create a new MIDI region in the same track. Add some notes. It plays as expected.
  8. Move some notes around, and it also works as expected.
  9. Play the imported region, and the previous edits take effect.
  10. Editing this imported region does has again no effect!
  11. Edit the created region, and it again works as expected.
  12. Play the imported region and the second set of changes now play correctly.

Would anyone be willing to confirm this before I file a bug report? (At least I found a work around for now: create and edit a MIDI region in the same track.)

OK, after saving the session and starting it again, everything works as expected. It seems to affect only the session right after the import…

Just commenting to say I have the same issue.

File a bug report - https://tracker.ardour.org

Thanks Roel for confirming. Now I am sure it is not a problem with my setup I will file a bug report.

Does locating the transport make a difference? or play, rewind, play?

There are some reports that editing does not invalidate the playback cache. Moving the transport position will do that.

No. I just tested it, and moving the transport or rewinding made no difference. It still play the original notes.

(FWIW, the bug report is here: https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8512)

I may have encountered a similar issue that may be related. Imported a midi file, and transposed it. Had no effect on the playback, the playback was playing the notes in original key, even though it was visually showing notes transposed.

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