MIDI edit mode similar to draw mode toolbar

Not sure if the functions would be used enough to justify adding them but I was wondering if any users would find it useful to have similar drop downs on the right side of the MIDI edit toolbar as provided by the MIDI draw toolbar (length, velocity).
But they would allow user to be able to for example select multiple notes and change all of their sizes based on the Length drop down value.
Or for example could select multiple notes and then change all their velocity values to a specific value.
Currently these actions are only available through a context menu.

Not sure if anyone would find this valuable
Thank You

The MIDI transform dialog does all this and much more.

Hey Paul, thank you for the response.
No, I know, that is what I was referring to when I said can be accessed through a context menu.
Probably for the better because then all the editing items are in the same location, I was just wondering if any users felt if any were more commonly used that they could just be accessed through the toolbar / maybe even a hotkey.
I was just trying to see how other users would respond. Something I also do not like about my request that I was hoping another user would comment on is the fact that in a weird way even though the draw & edit buttons highlight to let user know which mode is active, the fact that the draw mode has extra items in its toolbar is another slight graphical indication which MIDI mode the user is in. Not to say that other items couldn’t be added to the edit mode toolbar in the future, but it might be strange if both of them had the same exact items (drop downs), if that makes sense.
As mentioned all the MIDI updates overall have been fantastic.
Anyways, thank you again for you response.

this will have more relevance when the new pianoroll editor is done (currently underway in the pianorule branch)

…what are you up to Paul :slight_smile:

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