MIDI Drum machine close any ongoing open hi-hat sound?

Is it possible to make one specific MIDI-note via a drum-machine close an ongoing parallell drum sound? I would like my closed hi-hat sound to close any ongoing open hi-hat sound, just like on a real drum

This depends 100% on the drum machine (plugin, application or hardware) that you’re using. Some can do this, others cannot.

What are you using, or plan to use?

What would you recommend? I have just started with Ardour

I’m not familiar with any of them at this level of detail. But maybe some other users will chime that have actually used drumgizmo, drumkv1 and others.

What is recommended might depend on what OS you are on as well, Linux, Mac, or Windows?

Ah ok, I’m using macOS currently

you are referring to something called ‘choke groups’ in most of samplers/drum machines whereas 2 hats on different sample slots have monophonic capability, where new note hit chokes the one which was playing previously…

Depends on what you need… and how much money you’ve got!

Renoise Redux
ni battery
fxpansion geist (ex guru)
ni maschine (software)
akai mpc software (2.8?)

…or just use the grid in the DAW and program it :stuck_out_tongue:

let me know if you need help!

thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out

Hydrogen apparently works on Mac. My experience is only with the Linux version, but it’s how I program drums, as it has nice feel tweaks, and has the ‘choke groups’ (called ‘mute group’ in Hydrogen). I play the drum track in Hydrogen and print it in Ardour, routing each individual instrument to a different track. So, not a plugin.

It’s not a great idea to recommend Hydrogen on macOS. That requires using JACK which tends to lead many new macOS users (of Ardour and/or JACK) into a thicket of weeds.

@Cvj hydrogen is not a plugin but a separate application, which can be connected to Ardour using JACK. But this is likely to be more difficult to do than you would like.

Hydrogen looks really good, I think that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

I’m fairly sure it isn’t :frowning:

But don’t let me stop you. Using it is much, much more complicated than using a plugin.

Fair enough. 20… 19… 18…

Also the very good AVL Drums seems to have exclusive|mute|choke groups out of the box: x42 AVL Drumkits (look at the bottom table “Note Assignments”).

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I use Drum Gizmo plugin a lot https://drumgizmo.org as a plugin in Ardour. It works great and has several sets of drum kits. Almost all of them have choked and/or closed hi-hat samples. Some of the sets also have choke ability for anything, for example choking a snare roll.
It’s kind of a big and large deal, so maybe some of the other suggestions here are better for you. Check it out tho.

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