MIDI - dragging and dropping midi grooves from VSTs problem


i have a midi track with EZdrummer2 or SSD5 loaded. I’m browsing midi grooves (inside the VST) and then draggin and dropping to my playlist (midi track) and everything is ok so far. But if I want to change something in the groove later for example add a snare drum somewhere or delete a hihat somewhere, Mixbus 32c still plays the old version of imported midi groove. Even if I delete many notes, they continue to play (you can’t see them because they’ve been removed).
I noticed that only when I select the entire fragment (in Grab mode) and move it to the right and back to the left, then it starts to play the changed version. This is very tedious and it probably shouldn’t work that way.

The whole thing described does not take place in a draw mode, when I do my own groove from the beginning.

please help

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