Midi, Developmentroadmap, 2.3 -> 3.0 how long

Hi people, hi devs,

I am wondering how long it might take to use Midi in Ardour. I read here and there, that midi is in the 3.0 branch.
So do we/I have to wait for all the versions 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 … 3.0 ? And how long would it (maybe!!) take?

Hi Steele,

I am not a dev but I know that this question has been asked many times. There is no precise answer to it and you are welcome on the dev IRC channel to discuss with the devs. But I am almost convinced they will tell you something like :

  • we don’t know when
  • if you donate money for this and that feature, this will gain priority in the dev process.

MIDI/3.0 is available via our subversion repository. It is unstable, and we do not recommend its use for anything that really matters, because we make incompatible changes before it is released. It is also currently less reliable than 2.X and may have bugs that 2.X does not have. The release of 3.0 is not dependent on 2.X reaching a particular “level”, although while work is done on 2.X it tends to mean that its not done on 3.0, and so the eventual release of 3.0 slows down. However, we do merge all new features in 2.X into 3.0, and so 3.0 is not “behind” 2.X in any significant way.

2.4 has already been released, and 2.5 will be out this week.

Paul & team: keep up the great work!

The rest of you: we need another 100 subscribers. To respond to Paul’s fundraising appeal I just doubled down and activated my second subscription–how about you?

Just beeing curious and I don’t want to offend anyone of beein " bribable/buyable.
How much would it cost to implement Staff-Lines in the main/editor window of ardour instead of pianoroll/whatever?
So that you have endless sheetmusic mixed with audio tracks?

And now without a joke:

Thanks for the answers. I will look into this subscription-system and maybe I can afford it. After all, the dollar is not an expensive currency for EU-people.

Speaking of subscriptions, and while the topic is lingering here, is there a way to send bucks other than a credit card or paypal? I’m into sending money here, but not via those methods…

just got myself a new job! :smiley:
I will subscribe the day I get my 1st salary (wow! one year without a job, that was quite something … don’t know how it will compromise my music work, hopefully not too much).