MIDI De-Interlace crashes WIN10 with certain MIDI files. Linux works fine with same MIDI file


Using Ardour 8.1 downloaded from here on WIN10. I have reopened the tracker issue and updated the notes to reproduce. A MIDI file that crashes WIN10 is in the tracker.

Ardour 8.1 from here on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS works as expected.

Unfortunately, we have no developers that use Windows.

Would a BT from nightly debug be of any use ?

An actual gdb backtrace could be useful. A Windows crash log, probably not.

I will attach a gdb backtrace in the future.

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A GDB backtrace has been added to the tracker :


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Here is another Windows specific MIDI related crash. Crashes with multiple successions of pastes of a single MIDI region on a single track. (Ctrl-C), (Ctrl-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v)

Linux works like a champ.


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