Midi controller: Using an encoder and a push button?

Hi there.

This might be a special wish, but it would be very helpful for me:
I’m using a faderfox midi controller and i was able to assign everything with success.
In addition to some encoders i would like to assign also their buttons (my faderfox comes
with encoders with push-function), to reset the values. For example panning –
rotate to pan L/R and push to “center” again.

Usually it works in DAWs with using the same CC and sending the value “64”.
In Ardour i’m not able to use the push button, too? What i’m doing wrong here?


Are you using a midimap file you wrote yourself? (Cf. https://manual.ardour.org/using-control-surfaces/generic-midi/midi-binding-maps/)

Capturing the push of the button should be simple. Now it depends on what function you want to map it to… look at “/route/panwidth” for setting the pan of a track.

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Not really possible to answer without much more detail about the MIDI messages sent by the controls you’re using on the faderfox.

No, i’m using the controller directly. But thank you – you got me on an
interesting path! (I’m just new to Ardour.)
I will try to configure such a file for my faderfox.

The faderfox can send control change commands (absolute or relative), program change commands, MSB/LSB, pitchbend or aftertouch commands. (OSC is not possible.)
In my scenario the faderfox sends plain control change commands via dedicated midi channels and cc numbers. The encoder and the push buttons are using the same, there the encoder sends values from 0 to 127 and the button sends 64.

Glad to inspire :slight_smile:
Post here if anything is unclear. Better yet: post here if you’re successful!

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