MIDI controller support in ardour 2.0beta?


I’ve been trying out ardour 2.0beta5.1 (it looks awesome so far) but I’ve noticed that there’s no support for MIDI controllers at the moment, i.e. mapping MIDI control surface elements to mixer sliders, etc. Is this going to be included in any beta release of Ardour2 (I’d like to be able to help test the beta versions more), or should I just wait for the final release?

Thanks for all the hard work on an excellent piece of software…

Paul – Any help on defining the “control” port in ardour.rc?

That’s as far as I made it, then got stumped. I could copy the format for “seq” but don’t know what the details should be…



PS – “(is it still Ctrl+middle click?)…” to assign functions?

its all there.

go to “Options”-> “Control Surfaces” -> “Generic MIDI” and click to enable it.

it will use a MIDI port called “control” which must be defined in your ardour.rc file.

the implementation internally is very different from ardour 0.99, but is intended to work identically from a user perspective.

Hi Paul,

I don’t have a ‘Control Surfaces’ submenu in my Options menu, but I do have a “Use MIDI Control” option which is ticked. I’ve created a line in my ardour.rc which looks like this (plus angle brackets):

MIDI-port tag=“control” device=“ardour” type=“alsa/sequencer” mode=“duplex”/

and it’s set as the port for MMC, MTC and MIDI Parameter Control. I’ve made sure my control surface port is connected to this port via qjackctl…but nothing’s working, i.e. with ‘Trace input’ on there’s no debugging output in the terminal when I work the control surface’s sliders, and I can’t assign any controls (is it still Ctrl+middle click?)…

Is there something else I need to do?