MIDI Controller set to jump to next marker or other options from the menu


I’m woundering if there is a way to set a MIDI Control to some options form the menu.

For example I would like to have the option “jump to next marker” on my Korg Nanokontol.

Just clicking Ctrl + Middleclick does not do the job.

I have red this:


But I think this is a feuture for Ardour 3. I’m using Ardour 2.8.11 (Rev 7387).

By the way, after set up a CC to a element in Ardour, is there a way to see all the connection in a list (maybe a text file like the .map or something like that)?

Would be great, when someone can help me.

Alternatively, is it possible to bind MIDI CC to keyboard shortcuts? Without ardour. If this is possible, a workaround would be just to setup the MIDI CC so, that Ctrl + KP_RIGHT is emulated which is the shortcut for “jump to the next marker”.


@stanislav: In ardour2 you cannot do any of what you ask about. In ardour3, you can do it all.

Thank you for the quick answer.

Would you recommed me to take a look at ardour3?

Actually I’m using Ardour in my “home” studio to make takes of my band, bring it all together and mix it down unsing some LASDPA Plugins.

Do you think it is stable enough for my needs?

And maybe the question: is it possible to make tempo changes smoothly in Ardour3 yet? This is really important for me to make click directly in Ardour and not in Rosegarden.

Thanks. Stas.

no version of ardour has smooth gradual tempo changes. you can fake it with lots of small tempo changes, but its a hassle. its a post-3.0 feature.


one last question about the midi feedback:

Can Ardour 3 (or even 2.8) send all Midi Positions on startup or by clicking a button? Like a snapshot.

When I work with a midi controller (for example BCR200) everything is working well. But after disconnect the controller and connect it again having made some changes (let say, changing the Gain Level) how can I syncronize the controller with ardour?

Tank you for replying the questions.

Sorry, I have found the answer:

just start qjackctl then ardour without chosing a project then the controller. Connect them in jack and then open the project. And there it is.