MIDI Controller doesn't work properly.

Hello, everyone.

I use Arodur 5.12 on Windows with korg nanoKontrol2. But, I can't understand work Ardour and nanoKontorl2.

Concretely, nanoKontorl2 has the track bank changing buttons, so I want to use these.When I push these buttons, fader is changed in Ardour. But I can't recognize which fader is assigned to nanoKontrol2.

And I push these button and change the track bank in Ardour, but nanoKontrol's button,solo,mute and record continue to light up.

Is this problem specification or the middle of development?

My environment

  • Windows10 64bit
  • Ardour 5.12
  • using preset : Korg nanoKontrol2 in Genelick MIDI
  • M,S,R button had changed to toggle