midi control

hello, i am new in ardour and i am french…excuse my english…i try to control ardour with evolution uc33 in midi .
no problemes to use faders, but i cant use midi on lecture, stop, rewind, …is it normal ?

and if i try to control plugins in midi, the plug bug, no sound and only the extrems values appears …

!!! i hope you can understant me .


ok thank you, the problem was i use touchpad and ctrl and not the mouse middle click .

which version of Ardour are you using?

i am on studio to go, ardour 0.99.3 (built with ardour gtk 1.4.1 libardour 0.908.2)


with 0.99.3 the transport buttons respond only to MIDI Machine Control (a standard for controlling various “tape-like” devices) or MIDI Song Position Pointer messages (a standard for controlling “sequencers”). you cannot bind arbitrary controllers to them. this has been changed in ardour 2.0.

as for the plugin issue, i haven’t ever seen or heard of this before. you should be able to display the plugin editor, ctrl-middle-click on the plugin parameter control and bind a MIDI controller to it, just as for the main gain faders.