MIDI Control (knob and switch of a VST plugin) works with mouse, but when driven by MIDI displays the action without doing it!

Ardour Version: 6.5 Windows 64bits

MIDI Status: works: events are displayed in the MIDI Tracer. The source is a Roland FC-200 through a Berhinger UMC1820.

After hours to understand why the knob was not working properly I managed to modify the parameter Smoothing (default: 10, needed: 127) of the Generic MIDI protocol control so the Expression Pedal is followed correctly. I didn’t find this overwhelming important information in the manual. Anyway, that’s not the point.

VST3 Plugin: Helix Native

So I displayed a knob and a switch to control Helix Native. I edited inside the plugin so when I use the knob and the switch they do their purpose.

With “MIDI learn” I assigned a switch and an expression pedal to the plugin switch and knob. When I activate them, it actually change the value of the switch and the knob on the display, like I was using the mouse.

MIDI Control

But here is the twist!

It doesn’t change the value inside the plugin. I repeat. If I move the knob controler value with the mouse it works, if I change it with the MIDI controller, it doesn’t (but the display of the knob is moving).

Can someone help me with this?

I also made a bug report about this (0008562).

EDIT: in fact the knob inside the plugin is moving but only if I move slowly the expression pedal and it jumps from postition to position, like if Smoothing was still on 10 between Ardour and the plugin and at 127 between Ardour and the viz of the jauge (see image above) so it moves flawlessly in the main interface.


That does indeed seem to be a bug, thanks for reporting it at https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8562

Thanks. I added an important information (see EDIT) that can help the debug. I also added this to the bug report.

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