MIDI Control In silent

Hi all
I am facing a peculiar issue.
When I save a new snapshot of my project, then close Ardour and load that snapshot, sometimes the “MIDI Control In” port receives no MIDI events.

When trying to connect “capture_2”(my controller port) to it, MIDI tracer does not show anything.
At the same time, when I connect “capture_2” to e.g. “MMC In”, the tracer shows MIDI events.

So far, I had to just re-do all my last work, because no matter what I connected to that port, it kept unresponsive.
Loading the previous session works just fine.

MacOS Mojave, Ardour 6.2

Has anyone seen anything like this?

So after many attempts to idetify the culprit, I have found this:
I am using many instances of Aria player with Garritan sounds.
After adding more and more, at one point it just breaks. But not that the Control surface stops working immediately, but when I close that session and load it back, there are no Control surface events.
If I remove the last Aria instance, save the project, close, load, control surface works.

It is driving me mad :slight_smile:
Any advice much appreciated

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