Midi control: fader sends sysex?


Firstly, Ardour (3.5.403 on Linux) is generally pretty amazing.

I was creating a midi map for my YamahaAW2816. It’s an old recorder but was thinking it’s mixer might work OK as a hardware controller for mixing. And it kind of does, two main questions/problems:

Mixer faders send a sysex, so I tried:

Binding sysex=“f0 43 10 3e 07 10 00 29 XX f7” uri="/route/gain/1"
Binding sysex=“f0 43 10 3e 07 10 00 2a XX f7” uri="/route/gain/2"

…but how does the byte XX get extracted and send to /route/gain/1 ?
Also Ardour does not appear to recognise these faders to learn from (maybe it doesn’t learn from a sysex…?).

The device has a mode where 8 faders are normally used for input levels,
then they can be used to mix 8 channels as they send a controller, e.g.

Binding channel=“1” ctl=“01” uri="/route/gain 1"

…these all respond, but the normal usage is to mix 16 channels, and in that mode the faders only send sysex!..

There are ON buttons rather than Mute buttons for the channels.

Again in 8 channel “input” mode they send controller messages e.g.

chan1, ON: Controller chn 1 41 127
chan1, OFF: Controller chn 1 41 0

These are recognised, but we’re out of sync, as in the mixer’s light is ON meaning
channel ON, but when the hardware light says ON, Ardour says MUTEd…

In 16 channel mixer mode, the faders send:
OFF:Sysex (10) = [f0 43 10 3e 07 40 02 09 00 f7]
ON: Sysex (10) = [f0 43 10 3e 07 40 02 09 08 f7]

Again, I can’t see a midi map syntax that converts the system to something ardour might like to parse?..

Many thanks for any ideas!