midi control and lightworks

There is a discussion going on in the lightworks forum about the implementation of midi / mackie protocol into lightworks, for example for controling transport or for editing.


and they were wondering if and how it is possible in linux and how ardour does it.

One of the questions was if it would be possible / hard to do / easy to implement the mackie protocol for the use with lightworks. If this is a thing you need to reverse engineer or if this is an open standard you can adapt to etc… ? how is ardour solving it?

you can post here (or there of course) and i can drag the infos over :wink:

thank you…

I’ll probably post there as well.

The short version is that ‘technically’ the Mackie protocol is not open. The Logic Control Protocol however was published in an old Logic manual and is very similar IIRC, which was the beginnings a long time ago of the mackie control support. That has been rewritten at least once (I think twice now) since then though. The implementation in Ardour is open source however and if/when Lightworks does open source itself it might be possible to implement in Lightworks, but I am not sure how doable it is to implement a control protocol in Lightworks right now, given that access to the source code is not available and I don’t know if they have any sort of API or Control Interface but even with those I would bet a second program to translate between Mackie and the appropriate API or Interface would be the easiest, if not the only way to do it.

Sorry I haven’t used Lightworks much since v14 though I do have some things to edit together I might use it for on a project soon, we will see. Considering giving Blender’s capabilities another shot to see if they have progressed recently though so who knows.


great, thanks seablade.

depending on the needs of your project: blender is getting better for the use as just as an NLE , and there are layout templates with final cut like shortcuts etc… but it s still a bit of an overkill and cpu heavy when i tried the last time. Lightworks is great, but you need to convert most of the media you shoot beforehand to use it properly… and it s not open source. kdenlive is great but not really stable at the moment on my machines… so i m always struggling somewhere in between these options… :wink:

Lightworks is great, don’t get me wrong. The automated proxy workflow is a good step for it since i am editing 4k video these days, but I would still like a bit more control on that workflow still.


true, i m also still learning lightworks workflow as it differs a lot from other NLE´s but that is actually a good thing.

just to let you know: on lightworks 14 the internal proxy workflow can be buggy, you might need to convert the files with eyeframe converter (works smooth under wine) beforehand and make your proxies there…

Heh I used to convert with ffmpeg manually anyways, but that isn’t quite the same as a true proxy workflow and in 4k I would still run into some issues on my dual core integrated graphics laptop (Which I like, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t a powerhouse).


ok this sounds all like you´re well prepared :wink: